Strawberry Kush Weed Strain Review

Strawberry Kush Weed Strain is one of the most popular and famous Indica strains out there. The Strawberry flavor, smell, and high make this a favorite strain for all growers and smokers. It’s hard to go wrong with this weed strain!

The flavors range from sweet strawberry to earthy musk, but it always leaves people feeling relaxed and happy. People who smoke Strawberry Kush Weed often report strong body effects that can end in couch lock if you’re not careful!

What Is the Strawberry Kush Strain?

Strawberry Kush is a beautiful Indica dominant strain that is the product of crossing OG Kush, Afghani, and Strawberry Cough. This hybrid strain smells just like strawberries with a musky earthy scent to it that will leave you drooling for more!

It’s hard to believe this sweet berry fragrance comes from such an extremely strong plant. But it does, its heavy-hitting effects are both physical and cerebral while being pretty long-lasting too. With THC levels reaching 19% on average, there is no wonder why it had won multiple Cannabis Cup awards over the years.

Its buds have some hairs covered in crystals while being dense with deep green leaves and orange pistils throughout which look incredible sprinkled with beads of THC, especially when exposed to a little amount of stress or light.

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The aroma of Strawberry Kush weed is a sweet and pungent herbal smell that smells amazing. It is a very fresh and pleasing smell that will appeal to people who enjoy the smell of sweet fruit.

It can also have a slight hint of earthy pine. The aroma will become much more pronounced once the bud is broken up or ground. The smell of the Strawberry Kush strain is often stronger than the smell of other types of kush.


The taste of the Strawberry Kush weed is a combination of strawberries, pine, and earth. It has sweet notes to it with some subtle hints of musk. The smoke tastes very smooth and pleasant.

You will taste the Strawberry Kush weed as soon as you exhale because of its sweet and pleasant taste. The smoke is smooth and alluring. It tastes like strawberries but with subtle hints of musk and pine.

The aroma and flavors of the Strawberry Kush weed are very delightfully appealing. Even when you exhale, you will still taste it on your tongue for about ten minutes after smoking.


Strawberry Kush weed is a very beautiful plant with deep green leaves that are covered in orange hairs. It has red streaks throughout the buds giving it an almost strawberry appearance to it, hence its name.

There are also crystals covering the buds making them glisten whenever exposed to light or touch which gives off an amazingly beautiful display. Stems of this strain are purple-tinged rather than brown like other strains which makes them stand out even more!

THC Content

The THC content of strawberry kush marijuana is around 24%. This is a moderate to high potency, not surprising considering the plant’s reputation as a pain reliever for sufferers of chronic pain. Medical samples have been analyzed with THC content ranging from 22-24%, while regular marijuana samples have been found with THC levels reaching 35%

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How to Grow Strawberry Kush Strain?

Growing, Processing, and Yield:

Strawberry Kush strain is a moderately difficult plant to cultivate. It has a higher resistance to pests and molds but can be quite sensitive to heat, so it’s best grown in controlled environments with an optimal temperature of around 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This weed has an approximate flowering time of 8-9 weeks and an average yield of about 385-425 grams per square meter indoors under the right conditions.

Outdoors, however, it can grow as big as 3 meters tall and produces around 1200g per plant on average! But not all is lost if you don’t have too much space as it does well in containers as well. As long as you keep the soil moist throughout its lifespan, Strawberry Kush feminized seeds will produce plenty of pungent buds that will make your mouth water about this.

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Strawberry Kush Strain: Medicinal Uses

Strawberry Kush weed has a particular reputation for reducing anxiety and depression. The strain is also famous for its ability to improve sleep quality. It will not make users sleepy or fatigued, but many users report that it makes it easier to fall asleep and helps with insomnia.

This strain is also known for the euphoric feeling that makes people feel happy and carefree without feeling like they are high or stoned. It can also help people who need relief from nausea and headaches.

The Strawberry Kush strain has the ability to relieve pain and is often used by people who suffer from chronic pain. This strain can also help reduce inflammation, which makes it useful for treating arthritis sufferers. The flavor of this type of marijuana is very delicious, making it a popular choice among medical cannabis patients even though it does not have high concentrations of CBD or THC.

Strawberry Kush Strain: Possible Side Effects

Strawberry kush weed, like most things, has potential side effects that you may encounter.

The most common side effects of Strawberry Kush include dry mouth and eyes. Many users will experience redness in the eyes, dry skin, and cottonmouth due to dehydration from not drinking enough water while under the influence.

This strain can be a powerful appetite stimulant so many people also report getting the munchies if they inhale too much pot or eat too much at once. Some people find this strain too powerful for their tastes and have reported feeling anxious when smoking it. There are no known physical adverse reactions to this strain that would indicate any danger.

In fact, many people feel more relaxed after using Strawberry Kush weed for it reduces anxiety and depression symptoms without making them feel disoriented or out of control.

Please remember that this strain of weed is not to be used by minors (under the age of 18). There are no known interactions between Strawberry Kush and other drugs, though it should not be mixed with alcohol due to the disorienting feeling. Using this type of plant medicine may increase some risk factors for heart disease so people who have has prior cardiovascular problems should avoid using it unless they are under a doctor’s order.

Strawberry Kush Strain: Common Dosage

The common dosage of Strawberry Kush marijuana strain ranges between 5% and 16%. The dose is typically measured in milligrams. If this is your first time using the strain, a low dose would be a good idea until you know how it affects you.

If this is your first time using the strain, a low dose would be a good idea until you know how it affects you. It is a good idea to start with a low dose of 5 to 10mg and then slowly work your way up as needed.

Be sure to take Strawberry Kush in a safe setting because it can make you feel disoriented or out of control if you are not used to it.


Strawberry Kush marijuana strain is a great “social” weed that will help you find yourself more talkative and sociable. It helps to create a positive mood, it can lift your spirits, make you feel more creative and inspired, as well as more focused on the task at hand even if feelings of drowsiness start to set in later on.

This makes Strawberry Kush good for both day and night time use as it doesn’t cause sedation or couch lock. This delightful strain is truly all around!

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