Blue Dream CBD Effects, Strain, & Review

Blue Dream CBD is a strain that will remind you of the sweet smell and taste of blueberries. Just imagine the goodness you can get when you smoke or vape blueberries. It tastes good and will make you want more from it.

This strain can also provide different medical benefits such as pain relief and mood enhancers. But of course, like any other strain, there are side effects that a user may experience. Taking the strain in proper doses will help one prevent getting the negative effects. Adding more information to your knowledge about the Blue Dream will help you know how you can get the most out of this strain. Read on.

What Is Blue Dream CBD?

The Blue Dream CBD is classified as a hybrid. It consists of Sativa with 60% and Indica with 40%. This is a product of the cross-breeding of two strains namely the Blueberry and Haze. Both strains are yummy and sweet-smelling. With its origin, the Blue Dream is definitely among the most sought-after strains because of its taste and smell. For some, it is like smoking a dessert.

Blue Dream CBD provides that pleasant “high” feeling as you smoke it. A smooth and light feeling will take over your system which will allow you to feel more relaxed and calm. The effects are subtle and will not overpower you to lie on the couch and sleep all day. Blue Dream can help keep you focused and active. It is important to assess its effects on you so you will know when the right time is for you to take it. This will help you get the utmost results from this strain.

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Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Blue Dream CBD is among the favorites of cannabis users because of its yummy flavor. When you get the first puff, you will be pleased with the delectable taste that you get from this strain. The flavor is simply mouth-watering. You get a fruity and citrusy taste. Aside from blueberries and fruits, you also get a hint of different flavors. You will taste floral notes with earthy sandalwood. The flavor is smooth and the tastes are in smooth harmony.

The Blue Dream aroma is another pleasant factor that will make you want to use it. Just like its taste, the aroma this strain has is sweet and not overpowering. It is like smelling an air freshener with a sweet and fruity scent. However, the aroma can leave traces.

The Blue Dream CBD looks like fresh blueberries without the beautiful and rich color of blue or purple. This strain is rich green or sometimes sage in color. It has orange to yellowish pistils and frosty trichomes. The colors of the leaves may sometimes depend on how the crop is grown.

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Tips to Grow the Blue Dream CBD

Be sure to prepare loads of water for the Blue Dream CBD. This strain is a heavy drinker. You should expect to water the plants with tons of water daily. Water makes this plant happy and healthy. It also requires fertilizers with magnesium and nitrogen. If you are a new grower, you are lucky because the Blue Dream is not a sensitive crop to plant. It can withstand weather conditions and climates.

However, you might also need a lot of patience since flowering time can be longer as compared to other strains. When growth is good, you can expect a large yield. You can harvest around 500 – 600 grams per plant. This is when the strain is grown outdoors. If you choose outdoor growing, you can expect a harvest around September to October.

On the other hand, if you are growing indoors, you can expect the same output from the Blue Dream especially if you have given it with enough water and care. It is best to choose superior soil to produce better crops. You can also choose hydroponics. This method will give better results since Blue Dream loves water.

Of course, you have to protect your crops from spider mites and mildew. Keeping your crops away from these will give you healthy plants. If you see any viral infestation in your plants, remove the affected crops to save the other plants.

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Blue Dream CBD Expected Effects

There are a variety of effects that you can get from the Blue Dream CBD. This is a good daytime-use strain as it can help you focus for your long day at work. Hitting the strain before work will give you an energized feeling throughout the day. At mid-day, you can take this along with coffee to wake up your senses and gain focus and energy once more.

Though it has a relaxing and calming factor, it is not best to take this at nighttime. The energizer feature of the strain might take effect on you and you will have difficulties dozing off to bed if taken during nighttime.

Blue Dream CBD Medical Effects

Blue Dream is known to provide several medical effects to its users. This strain is suitable for people who are suffering from different ailments and conditions. The Blue Dream is suitable for people suffering from stress and mental distress. It is also good for those with physical ailments like physical discomfort, chronic and acute headaches, and excessive fatigue.

Though this strain is medically useful, it is always best to check on your right dose. Excessive intake of the Blue Dream can numb your body or even lead to more side effects. Keep in mind that your body also has limitations on the intake of such strain.

Blue Dream can help in relaxing the body and mind making it feel better especially when you are dealing with pain including all types of body pains. It can also keep your mind alert and focused which makes it useful for those who need to finish off tasks for the day.

Blue Dream CBD Side Effects

Like any other cannabis strain, Blue Dream can lead to a dry mouth and dry eyes. These are the most common side effects in these strains. This is when you will need to take a lot of fluids.

Other severe side effects include paranoia, dizziness, and headaches. In these cases, you will have to lessen your dose or pause usage for a while. If you want to stay away from the side effects, make sure that you take in only the required dose. If you are not sure about the dose you should take, then start with the smallest amount.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Dream CBD is not only a good-tasting and smelling strain. It is also useful in helping ease symptoms of various ailments and conditions. However, any user should be aware that there could be side effects that may arise in using it. To avoid unwanted effects, one should be conscious of the dose one is taking. The excessive dose will lead to severe side effects and make one unable to enjoy the full benefits of this strain.

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