Green Gelato Cannabis Strain, Effects, & Review

Sweetening your senses with a rush of sour and citrus, Green Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds is a hybrid that lives up to its name.

Winning two awards for best Indica and third-place in the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, Green Gelato is a hardy plant that grows almost too well. It can get out of hand quickly if not trimmed often.

The Green Gelato marijuana strain tastes like sweet citrus and candy while still hitting hard on the exhale, offering an intensely strong experience. It smells of tangy lemons and oranges and provides users with a relaxed body high that can have you feeling lazy and sedated.

The Green Gelato marijuana strain crosses the classic Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain and the delicious Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain. This bud has beautiful emerald green nugs with fiery orange hairs and a robust sour, lemony scent.

Let’s dive into the Green Gelato marijuana strain review to see if this bud is right for you!

Green Gelato – Strain Information

This superior strain was bred by Royal Queen Seeds, bringing together the delicious Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains.

This breed offers hefty cerebral stimulation that is great for creativity and focus, leading to an uplifting experience that can help you better enjoy your day. A deep body relaxation comes with this bud as well.

Green Gelato Strain is perfect for the experienced cannabis user looking for a strain that can deliver heavily on the body. This bud is also quite psychedelic, causing visual effects throughout your high.

However, it is also a good choice for cannabis users that are looking for relieving benefits. The Green Gelato marijuana strain can benefit those with chronic stress, depression, headaches, and muscle pains.

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Aroma & Flavor

The Green Gelato marijuana strain has a solid sour aroma that can be mouth-watering at first sight. It smells like freshly cut citrus, carrying a sweet citrus smell that is very inviting. If you are looking for an excellent bud to crush up and pack into your favorite vape, this strain has a wonderful flavor to it.

Green Gelato marijuana strain tastes like a delicious tart and tangy lemon candy flavor that’s sweet on the exhale, offering users a fantastic new experience to enjoy. With its undeniable sour notes, this bud might be intimidating for some smokers, but you can’t deny that it tastes delicious!


The Green Gelato marijuana strain is easy to identify by its beautiful purple coloration nugs with fiery orange hairs and a robust sour, lemony scent. The nugs are coated with a thick layer of crystal trichomes that glow under the light, giving off an intense shine.

The Green Gelato bud has medium, dense nugs that look like they were rolled in powdered sugar. This strain is also extremely sticky, so be careful to avoid making a mess when handling these nugs.

Green Gelato – Effects & Medical Benefits

This strain has a very heady effect, and it delivers its psychoactive properties quickly. It hits hard and fast on the body with an intensely relaxing experience.

The Green Gelato marijuana strain can benefit those with chronic stress, depression, headaches, and muscle pains. For the best results, try using this bud before going to bed so you can have a good night’s rest.

Suppose you are looking for a potent Indica. In that case, this is the bud for you! Green Gelato marijuana strain packs a powerful punch, delivering strong Indica effects that can be felt throughout your entire body. It gives you a happy and euphoric sensation, relaxing your mind and body.

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The Green Gelato marijuana strain is perfect for nighttime use, giving you the feeling of couch-lock and making it difficult for you to move around. This weed can be great for winding down after a long day, but it is recommended that more experienced weed users try out this bud.


The Green Gelato marijuana strain has strong sedative effects that can be good for the relief of restlessness. If you are looking to get some sleep, try smoking this before bed so you can drift off to sleep.


The Green Gelato marijuana strain is very mood-boosting, giving you a euphoric feeling that brings out your happiness.

A few hits of this bud can have a powerful euphoric effect on the mind and body, leaving you feeling happy and uplifted. If you are feeling depressed or stressed, this strain can help you feel relaxed and calm, allowing you to forget about your problems for a while.

Green Gelato – Side Effects

Aside from the common marijuana side effects, Green Gelato has relatively few side effects. This bud may cause some slight cottonmouth, bloodshot eyes, and dry eyes. But due to its high THC content and psychedelic properties, it may be best to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery when you use this cannabis.

The Green Gelato marijuana strain might not be the perfect bud for new smokers, and If you typically consume low-grade marijuana, this weed might be too potent for you. But if you are a weed veteran looking to get the most out of your bud, it is worth trying.

Dry Eyes

The Green Gelato marijuana strain can have a powerful drying effect on the eyes, making them watery or dry.

It’s best to keep a bottle of eye drops on hand when you’re smoking this bud if your eyes are dry or irritated.

Bloodshot Eyes

If you have sensitive eyes, you might notice that your vision is slightly blurry after smoking this strain.

Same recommendation as dry eyes; if your eyes are sensitive, keep your eye drops with you when smoking this bud.


The Green Gelato strain can also make your mouth feel dry, leading to the common side effect of cottonmouth.

It’s always best to have a bottle of ice water on hand when smoking cannabis, and if you’re worried about cottonmouth, be sure to stay hydrated all the time!

Green Gelato – Growing Information

This strain is not recommended for novice growers since it can be challenging to grow.

Many novice growers tend to forget the basics when growing this strain because its effects are so potent – do not let this happen to you! It is essential that you keep in mind the necessary steps when growing Green Gelato, so you don’t contaminate your plant with mold or fail to provide enough lighting.

This strain requires high heat in the flowering stage, so it’s important to keep this in mind when growing indoors. Be sure you have plenty of ventilation and top-notch cooling because this strain needs lots of heat to grow into large, dense buds that are just dripping with THC.

Green Gelato cannabis plants typically flower within 8-9 weeks, producing high yields in a short period. These plants can easily grow to 2 feet tall with an above-average yield.

This marijuana strain can grow up to 6 feet tall when cultivated outdoors but is usually kept smaller when it is grown indoors.

If you want big yields or you don’t have much space in your grow room/area, greenhouse growing might be best for you! Some growers opt to grow this strain in their greenhouses because they require lots of sun and heat.

The Green Gelato marijuana strain can give outstanding results if you follow all the proper steps while growing. If using a hydroponics system for growing, try adding some guano tea mid-flowering cycle, and make sure that your container has plenty of drainage holes at the bottom for excess water.

THC Content

The Green Gelato marijuana strain has THC levels of 20-26%.

CBD Content

CBD levels of this bud range from 0.9-1%.

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Green Gelato – Conclusion

If you need a bud that will relieve stress and relax your mind, the Green Gelato marijuana strain might be just what you’re looking for.

This weed is the perfect option if you’re in need of some THC relief. If possible, use this strain at night to get the most out of its sleep-promoting effects.

The Green Gelato marijuana strain works wonders for pain relief. It acts as a social lubricant to make things easier on yourself when dealing with people outside of your social circle.

It’s always good to have a good friend nearby if smoking this potent weed. Even experienced cannabis users may find themselves waxing philosophical after smoking a little bit too much Green Gelato!

If you have any thoughts on this strain, please leave a comment below!

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